Kathy and George Batten met in 2011. Before deciding to enter into a serious relationship with George, Kathy needed the answer to a question: where do you stand on the question of chile peppers?

Kathy and George are now married, so he must have given the right answer. This website, however, tells you in no uncertain terms where they stand on the question of chile pepper sauces. That can be summarized in one word: flavor.

While these are pepper sauces, and thus carry a little kick to them, none are so hot that you can’t appreciate the flavor. In each sauce, you can savor the flavor of each pepper. These represent the very best that Kathy and George have to offer: sauces bottled in Louisiana to their specifications, and shipped to you for a grand experiment in taste.



Kathy and George live in Madison, Georgia, a beautiful little antebellum town between Atlanta and Augusta. Stop by and say hello, if you are ever in the area. In the meantime, enjoy shopping on this website.

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